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Ramona Haswell (aka Angel-heart Garrison) is the Author of many religious non-fiction works including books, poetry and many of her works are in formats of cardlines and lithographs.

This site is established as a place that her readers may find her latest works; books, videos, ministry teleconference recordings by Apostle, Scribal Prophetess & Teacher, Ramona Haswell who writes under the name, Apostle Ramona Haswell and under the pseudonym of Angel-heart Garrison.

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The Next Books to Hit the Presses!! 2021 New Releases!!

Anticipate Release Fall, 2021

THE ARMED & DANGEROUS COLLECTION:  THE REAL BATTLEFIELD 2:  The Days of Noah & Lot, in the Spirit of Elijah (c) 2016

ISBN-13: 979-8607505868 Independently Published

The Book, The Real Battlefield got you out of the cage of your mind and revealed and unveiled the battlefield and the spiritual real on which it is being played out.  If you are not ready to face your giants in the coming gross darkness, then you're not ready for the days of Noah and Lot that are upon us.  The spirit of Elijah is being ushered in by the Warriors who pray.  And miracles will be manifesting all over the land.

I suggest you DO NOT attempt to read The Real Battlefield 2 until you've read the Real Battlefield.  It's best to get a glimpse of the spiritual first before you face its reality head on.

Look for our special offer upon release of the Real Battlefield 2, Buy 1 or buy them both at a better savings.

From the Facebook Page of Author Ramona Haswell, April, 2020

"I understand more clearly now the delay in finalizing these two books as this covid-19 pandemic along with other Exodus like plagues are surfacing today with added reports of locusts, dead birds, earthquakes, et all. This is leading where both books must touch upon. For both end with our Repenting and Returning to Him.
You can't rush YAH.
Coming Soon!
"Teshuvah: Return to Me". And " The Real Battlefield 2"

 Anticipate Release Fall, 2021

Teshuvah: Return to Me, Including Elohim's Proclaimed Feasts & Holy Convocations © 2016 by Apostle Ramona Haswell  First Edition © 2016

© 2016 

ISBN-13: 978-1539628163 / ISBN-10: 1539628167

Foreword by Minister Patricia E. Tyson.

Allow Apostle Ramona to assist your understanding in the Jewish Feasts & Holy Convocations proclaimed by God Himself as continual Moeds.  Receive the Rhema Revelation knowledge you need to take you through the manna uncovered in this end time hour. 


I know above many things that my mandate is to wake up the people of YHWH who still sleep in this eschatological hour as YHWH calls His people out of pagan traditions to Teshuvah (repent and return to Him) in the observance of His Proclaimed Feasts & Holy Convocations.  It is my prayer that the clarity of the word of God in this book draws you back on the path that Elohim set for us in the Torah.  Tradition has veered us off this path.  Yet, YHWH is calling us back to Him.

As we prepare for the 2nd Coming of the King of kings and Lord of lords who will reign over this whole earth let us let go of pagan traditions and commit ourselves to covenant with the Father.

This book is not for everyone.  It's for the Overcomers.  And the blessings in it are for everyone who readeth it. 

May the manna that you receive here in, supply your every need."

Excerpt from her Author Ramona Haswell Facebook Page:

Apostle Ramona will be teaching on the Fall Festivals from her soon to be released, "Teshuvah: Return to Me". You are invited to join us during these studies via Truth in Life Bible Study Word of YAH Speak. Hope to see you " Like" that Page as well.
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THE RHEMA IN THE BLOG, Released 2016

 Released December 2016 - Order your copy today!

"The Rhema in the Blog: - A Compilation of Published & UnPublished Blogs by Apostle Ramona Haswell   First Edition © 2016

© 2016  ISBN-13: 978-1539730255 / ISBN-10: 1539730255

Foreword by Elder Phoenita Moore, Bread of Life Ministries, Hemet, CA


Foreword by Apostle Grace Clayton

 “The Prayer Warrior’s Guide” © 2014   - ISBN-13: 978-1484143780 / ISBN-10: 1484143787 



A step-by-step guide to understanding the basic principles of Intercessory Prayer.  

Originally written out of the true wilderness experiences of the Prophetess Ramona Haswell in 1997.  Apostle Ramona Haswell has since revised it and uses this Guide during many of her studies on "Hindrances to Prayer", "Fasting & Prayer" and "The Blueprint of Prayer".

Apostle Ramona Haswell facilitates Intercessory Prayer Workshops and Conferences  where she trains Prayer Warriors  to walk equipped for Spiritual Combat with this book which teaches strategically on Fasting & Prayer, Hindrances to Prayer, The Tabernacle of Prayer and the Spiritual Battlefield. The accompanying Workbook is available in classroom settings. 

This book completes the set:  "Armed & Dangerous Collection" 



“The Prayer Warrior’s Ordinance” - Softcover

© 2013 - ISBN-13: 978-1489582638 /ISBN-10: 1489582630


A Scripture-based Reference Book for the Frontline Intercessory Prayer Warrior; a Companion to the Prayer Warrior’s Guide made available to Angel-heart Garrison Ministries Shamar Prayer Warrior Team.  Targeted to the Intercessory Prayer Warriors attending Intercessory Prayer Workshops, in combination with the “The Prayer Warrior’s Guide”.  Complete with scriptural references, sample prayers and a ‘Personal Prayer Requests’ section.


 “The Real Battlefield” the Handbook - Softcover

© 2013 - ISBN-13: 978-1484141427 / ISBN-10: 1484141423

This book will help you to break self-centered strongholds and impart a Rhema Revelation  understanding which will allow God to help you get on the real battlefield with a garrison of Angels assisting. 

We are to fight in the spiritual realm where God is Captain over the Army.


“The Real Battlefield The Workbook” - Softcover

ISBN-13: 978-1494364984 / ISBN-10: 1494364980

The Student Workbook – When used in combination with the handbook, this workbook will bring you into clarity on how to get out of your hamster cage and get on the real battlefield.


“The Real Battlefield Facilitator’s Manual” – Softcover

 © 2015 – ISBN-13: 978-1517287740 / ISBN-10:  151728774X

The accompanying Workbooks may be purchased individually or as a package; and are available for Small Groups or Bible Studies.


"Foreword by Chief Apostle I.L. Carter" , the Gathering of the Eagles Fellowship, San Antonio, TX

“Are You Called to Lead?   Leadership: 101”   © 2014 - ISBN-13: 978-1497593510 / ISBN-10: 1497593514 - Softcover


Apostle Ramona asks the question to help you discover your calling and purpose; and to assist you in becoming a better than average leader.

Leadership is a God-given gift.  God trusts us to be as good a leader as we have been followers.  It’s your turn now, let’s see if you can lead while upholding the utmost principles of holiness & righteousness.

Read this book and find out how to become a leader that God can trust.




“The Leadership: 101 Study Guide” - Coming Soon!


“the Right to Remain Silent -  Leadership: 201” - Coming Soon!


 “Hindrances to Prayer” The Handbook/Manual - Softcover

© 2016, 2013 - ISBN-13: 978-1484144466 / ISBN-10: 1484144465


This book reveals 12 Revelational Reasons Why Your Prayers May Not Be Working.  Learn How to Manifest Victory in Your Prayer Life.  Read as Apostle Ramona Haswell wields her Steel Bow Rake to bring you into the Rhema Revelation knowledge of "Hindrances to Prayer". 

She brings you into an understanding of the strategies of the enemy which may be keeping you bound and defeated in the area of Prayer by teaching on the Spiritual Armor and how it relates to 12 Hindrances which, singularly or coupled with one another may bring strongholds into your life.  She also shows you how to break strongholds, delivering you from the wiles and snares of the enemy.

Read this book and shore up breaches in your wall, build up a resistance to the strategies of the enemy and break strongholds in your life so that you can get back on the battlefield fully equipped, a fortified  Soldier in the Army of the Lord, defeating the enemy on all sides! 




“Hindrances to Prayer the WorkBook” - Softcover

© 2016, 2013 - ISBN-13:  978-1490335841 / ISBN-10:  1490335846



Accompanying Workbook for the Student is available in classroom settings or in combination with the purchase of the 2013 4-set cd.

Ask about our Workshop DVD’s & CD’s.


“Hindrances to Prayer Study Guide” -Coming Soon!


Designed as a guide to the Hindrances to Prayer Manual to assist the individual reader to gather a rhema revelational in depth understanding of these hindrances.



“Hindrances to Prayer Facilitator’s Manual” AfterWord, “2010:  The Year of the Testimony”

© 2010, by Kenya K. Milton © 2016 ISBN-13: 978-1533452023 / ISBN-10: 1533452024 - Softcover


This Facilitator’s Manual is available in Classroom Settings.

Designed for Small Groups, Bible Studies & Workshop.  It will bring the group into a Rhema Revelation knowledge of 12 of the hindrances that have the potential to delay manifestation of prayers and victory in prayer life. 


The Instructor will help the group break strongholds, send demons running and manifest relationships and blessings in the lives of many!


Basic Principles of Fasting While Praying


 “The Truth About Fasting & Prayer” © 2014 - ISBN-13: 978-1484142158 / ISBN-10: 1484142152 - Softcover






Fasting to manifest blessings in your life, is not a diet!  Get the Truth and nothing but the Truth about Fasting & Prayer from the Woman of God, Apostle Ramona Haswell. 




Fasting to manifest blessings in your life, is not a diet!  Get the Truth and nothing but the Truth about Fasting & Prayer from the Woman of God, Apostle Ramona Haswell.   










 “The Power of the Tongue”   - “The Words in Your Mouth that You Speak”

© 2013 - ISBN-13: 978-1484170496 / ISBN-10: 1484170490 - Softcover


Find out what the words that pour forth out of your mouth usher in, contain, produce, perform, establish and more!  Learn to “Die to Self” and have victory in your life.


“Prophetess Ramona Haswell’s Live Devotionals” © 2012, 2013 –  Purchase individually or the set directly from the Author.


Prophetess Ramona Haswell’s

Live” Devotionals

 A Gift for the Seasoned!



Volume I - inspirational

A Rest to the People of God - A-S-K - The Word of God - God So Loved the World - How Can a Man be Born Again? - How Can These Things Be? - Serving Alone? - The Unconditional Love of Jesus - Blessed Assurance – Worthy - Believe the Works - True Believers - Praise Ain’t a Feeling - Declare the Love - It is Well - The Depth of Gratitude - No Respector of Persons

Volume II - Motivational

Be Present in This Day - How is it that You Do Not Understand? - I Once Was Blind - Call Upon the Lord & Be Saved - The Fountain - What Do You Have In Your House? - How Great is Your Faith? - I Am, THAT I Am - Who is This? - He Opens Understanding - It’s Our Secret - Let Not Your Heart be Troubled - His Grace is Sufficient - A Rest to the People of God - God’s Stamp of Approval - All Things Work Together - Praise Ain’t a Feeling - Continue in My Love

Volume III - Instructional

We Must Examine Ourselves - Dying to Self - Decrease - I Must Decrease - How is it that You Do Not Understand? - You Reap What You Sow - Separated by Sin - Consider Your Ways - Bear Much Fruit - How Great is Your Faith? - Who is This? - The Ultimate Betrayal - Entangled in Tares

Volume IV - Directional

Come & See - Dying to Self - Follow thou Me - Feed My Sheep - Which Way is Right? - The Right Side - Continue in My Love - A-S-K - Don’t Box God In - Purposed Destiny - What’s Your Posture?  - Don’t Get Distracted from Your Work - Believe the Works - The Way of Truth - Pray for Workers in the Harvest - Lest They Drift - Reach Back - Set Your Face Like Flint

Volume V - Seasonal

Pray for Workers in the Harvest - God’s Stamp of Approval - The Beginning of Sorrows-Part 1- The Beginning of Sorrows-Part 2 -The Battle is Not Yours - Rising to the Standard - Trust like David - Iron Sharpens Iron - The Door of Opportunity is Open - Don’t Box God In - The Boomerang Effect - In Season, Out of Season - Purposed Destiny - Purposed Seasons - Preparation for Transition-Part 1 - Preparation for Transition-Part 2 - Preparation for Transition-Part 3 - Get Up & Get Dressed


by Apostle Ramona Haswell

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"MY SUBSTITUTE", by Angel-heart Garrison


“My Substitute”  © 2012 is Angel-heart Garrison’s personal testimony of the miraculous recovery of her daughter from 4th -stage cancer diagnosed in 1983. Read for yourself how Jesus presented Himself at the foot of her daughter‟s bed and how He miraculously healed her daughter from cancer that left even her surgeon baffled. Moreover, read how Angel-heart Garrison, like the Centurion Soldier, took God at His word trusting that His word would heal her daughter. Receive the Rhema of God‟s love through her testimony.   




 Available through AuthorHouse Publishers


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