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Ramona Haswell - (aka: Angel-heart Garrison) Author


Ramona Haswell's writings are focused on Prayer, Warfare, Leadership & Eschatology.

Aka, "Angel-heart Garrison" is a writer of non-denominational, non-fictional, Christian books and poetry; journalizing and compiling her thoughts, dreams and visions from her youth. She has been copyrighting her "works" since the miraculous healing of her 3-year old daughter in 1983; and continues to write under her pseudonym. Her books & cardline are quite diverse but are a distinct self-portrait from a spiritual perspective.


In 1992 God gave her the name Angel-heart Garrison to distinguish her from her birth name and gave her one of her first of many poems, "Angels in Disguise".  This pseudonym is an incorporation of terms: "Angel", "heart", and "garrison".


Using her own personal experiences, through the reading of her works and/or attendance of her book signings and conferences, she administers what she believes to be the heart of compassion, love, mercy and comfort from the Lord.





"Angel-heart Garrison" has published her Ministries' newsletter "Highways & Hedges" since 1991 and was a free-lance writer in her valley?s local newspaper in 1997-99. She has won awards and acclaims for her poetry writings.



Author Ramona Haswell

I’m a Soldier in the Army of the Lord”

Walks in the Office of the Apostle & the Mantle of the Prophet, Gift of the (Shepherd) Pastor, Flows as an Evangelist, Born a Teacher,

Empowered in the Spirit as an Intercessory Prayer Warrior, and a Published Author


“Anointed, appointed, called and qualified, Apostle Ramona HASWELL has honed in on the intellect of God and walks with authority in this gift.  The 5-fold Ministry takes front row in this Woman of God’s life.  Decency and order, coupled with the love of God and His gifts of Administration and Organization has made Apostle Ramona Haswell the orator, author, warrior and humanitarian that she is.  God promises that our gifts will make room for us, the woman of God is living proof that there is nothing God will withhold from those who seek Him and walk uprightly.  She has asked for wisdom, and God has supplied liberally.” ~Daughters of Sarah Women’s Conference 2016, Hemet, CA.


Angel-heart Garrison Ministries

Corporate Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4641

Oceanside, CA  92052-4641

(641) 715-3900   Extension 377391#


Office Email:        [email protected]

Prayer:                   [email protected]


Our Angel-heart Garrison Ministries' Shamar Prayer Warrior Team pray on your behalf, over your petitions, situations and circumstances, 24/7; however we Touch & Agree with members of our Global Intercessory Prayer Team positioned, not just in America, but throughout the entire world via Teleconferences together each Wednesday morning.

If you have a need or petition that you would like us to stand with you on, please call us at the number above or send your prayer requests to our Shamar Prayer Warrior (SPW) Team at: [email protected]

Please refer to our Ministries’ website for our upcoming Annual Prayer Warrior’s & Leadership Conferences or Prayer Breakfasts; and follow the link there to Meet Apostle Ramona at her Workshops & Seminars, and Bible Studies.




Apostle Ramona Haswell is the 1st Presiding Assistant of the Gathering of the Eagles Fellowship whose corporate offices are located in San Antonio, TX and where the Eagles convocate annually, under the covering of the Presiding Prelate Chief Apostle I.L. Carter.


The Gathering of the Eagles Fellowship Convention

Corporate Headquarters

10730 Portranco Road

San Antonio, TX  78251

Email:  [email protected] 



With the mandate to impart kingdom revelation in this eschatological hour through the Prophetic Scribal Anointing of the Teacher, Apostle Ramona Haswell  facilitates prayer-based Conferences, Seminars, & Workshops directed to those empowered to lead, at the request of other Ministries, Groups, Bible Study Groups and Small Groups; elaborating on spiritual end times, kingdom principles, the Lord’s Calendar (feasts, trumpets and Jewish Holidays), shadows & patterns, the real battlefield exposing demons and  breaking spiritual strongholds, setting captives free to empower God’s peculiar people as we manifest on earth, as it is in heaven.

As a Teacher & Published Author, she offers her services locally and nationwide.


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Ramona Haswell lives in San Diego County, California, is the wife of Dwight Haswell and the mother of two; daughter, Evangelist Kenya Milton and Son, Prophet Chané Milton, USN.


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