The Armed & Dangerous Collection The Armed & Dangerous Collection The Armed & Dangerous Collection! Trilogy for any serious Prayer Warrior! "The Real Battlefield" and the "The Prayer Warrior's Ordinance" are available now. "The Prayer Warrior's Guide" is slated for release for your reading pleasure by December 15, 2014. 195919993 The Prayer Warrior's Ordinance (c) 2013 The Companion to "The Prayer Warrior's Guide", by Apostle Ramona Haswell. Real Prayer Warriors don't leave home without it. The Book designed and written for the Prayer Warrior. Do you want to know more about hedges, breaches, the 8 Watches, why you should pray, how to pray specifically, the benefits of prayer, the different types of prayer, activating your angels, the Names of God, the Prophetic Names of Jesus, leading someone to Christ? Apostle Ramona Haswell has the answers. 195441152 The Real Battlefield (c) 2013 What do you need to do to get off the hamster wheel of life and join the true Warriors on the Real Battlefield? Read this book and find out where the real battle is being fought; because the battle is not in your mind. 195441149 The Real Battlefield The Workbook (c) 2013 Get the book and the Classroom CD set available on this site. 195441150 The Prayer Warrior's Guide (c) 2014 COMING SOON! 2014 Foreword by Apostle Grace Kelker-Clayton 195591704