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ARE YOU CALLED TO LEAD? LEADERSHIP: 101 © 2014 - ISBN-13: 978-1497593510

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Apostle Ramona asks the question to help you discover your calling and purpose; and to assist you in becoming a better than average leader.

"This book will possibly help someone in leadership who is weary and seeking solitude, rest or a place to get yourselves together [because it’s weighing heavily on you and you feel like it’s all coming apart]; leaders who have not come to the place to see your way to accountability to a mentor, a Spiritual Father or Spiritual Mother who you trust to be completely honest with, so that you may receive your healing (to full recovery), some freedom, and your sanity.


This book is for you, to also encourage you, because, I know how you feel. Been there; done that. Most importantly, God knows how you feel!


This book is purposely called “Leadership 101” because it’s talking about what we only already know. And if you didn’t already know this before you started, you will when you finish reading.

And then we’ll all know the basics of Leadership (101) and be able to move forward together to the next book in the series."


Leadership is a God-given gift and He trusts us to be as good a leader as we have been followers. It’s your turn now, let’s see if you can lead while upholding the utmost principles of holiness & righteousness..

Read this book and find out how to become a leader that God can trust.

"I pray that this book will lead you (at the very least) to begin to see with your spiritual eyes, into your own life, further than you have ever seen before in your life. I pray that God will open the eyes of your understanding; remove the blinders from your eyes, and that your gifts and callings be revealed to you by revelation, through this book."

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