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HINDRANCES TO PRAYER © 2013 - ISBN-13: 978-1484144466

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This book reveals 12 Revelational Reasons Why Your Prayers May Not Be Working. Learn How to Manifest Victory in Your Prayer Life. Read as Apostle Ramona Haswell wields her Steel Bow Rake to bring you into the Rhema Revelation Knowledge of "Hindrances to Prayer". She brings you into an understanding of the strategies of the enemy which may be keeping you bound and defeated in the area of Prayer by teaching on the Spiritual Armor and how it relates it to 12 Hindrances which, singularly or coupled with one another may bring strongholds into your life. She also shows you how to break strongholds, delivering you from the wiles and snares of the enemy.

Read this book and shore up breaches in your wall, build up a resistance to the strategies of the enemy and break strongholds in your life so that you can get back on the battlefield fully equipped, a fortified Soldier in the Army of the Lord, defeating the enemy on all sides!

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